New Davis Patch Feature: Your Neighborhood Gallery

Share photos and videos of your community with your neighbors.

We’re constantly adding new features to Davis Patch. Yesterday we announced Traffic & Gas: a real-time traffic map with constantly updated gas prices in town. 

Today’s feature invites participation from you.

Your Neighborhood Gallery

You can now upload random photos and videos straight to Davis Patch, anytime you want, on any topic. You've always been able to add photos to articles, but now you don't need a specific reason. It's all fair game in . 

Has a tree been knocked down after heavy winds and rain? Has a group of preschoolers arrived at your door singing carols? Do you have the cutest baby or significant other in the world? Share it! 

Just click the "Add to Neighborhood Gallery" button located near the top right of our home page, and upload. We’ll continuously share your photos on the site.

Like Davis Patch on Facebook to get pictures delivered to your wall.


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