Davis Graces Pages of Sunset Magazine

Davis was featured in the current issue of Sunset Magazine, which highlights the "Best of the West.

Flip to page 21 of the current print issue of Sunset Magazine and you'll see a picture of a young blond woman riding a bicycle down a tree-lined pathway. The article that surrounds it celebrates the best of what Davis has to offer. 

And it's 100 percent positive. I thought for a while there that the words "pepper spray" would find their way into every article from here forward. That's not really Sunset's style, though. Here's what the article explores: 

  1. Spin Some Spokes: All things bike-related, of course. 
  2. Warm-Beverage Break: , MacBooks and Mochas. 
  3. A Sip and a Song: Music and wine at .
  4. You'll Only Find it Here: , a pocket-sized boutique...  
  5. Meet Your Vegetables: The Good Life Garden, on display.

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