Local Videogame Maker Gets His Nintendo Game ‘Kickstarted’

Jason Rohrer, of Davis, has had his video game, Diamond Trust of London, fully funded on the website Kickstarter.

A local videogame designer had his Nintendo DS project reach 'fully funded' status on the website Kickstarter recently. Having fully developed game, Jason Rohrer just needed money to manufacture the physical product and ready it for the market. Here's his description on the website, Kickstarter

"Diamond Trust of London, my two-player strategy game for the Nintendo DS, is finished, approved by Nintendo, and ready to be manufactured into cartridges (see IGN's preview or Pocket Gamer's preview).  As I faced Nintendo's large manufacturing minimum, a serious question arose:  how many people in the world would want to play it?  Kickstarter is a perfect way to answer that question."

His stated goal was $78,715. He ended up raising $90,118. Check out the Kickstarter website to learn more about how it works and to see how many people donated to Rohrer's project. One backer donated more than $3,000. Others put up $5. 

Check out DiamondTrustofLondonGame.com. Will you be playing the game? 


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