'What is Yolo?' Was Googled by Many People This Year

Yolo came in just behind SOPA, Scientology and KONY.


The word "Yolo" appears in publications across Davis with regularity, and it's been that way since long before 2012. It shows up in Davis Patch, the Enterprise, the Vanguard, Daviswiki -- the list goes on. 

But the term has blown past our county borders during the past year, which has been demonstrated in Google's Zeitgeist 2012 search rankings. 

"Yolo" was the fourth highest search term when followed by the "What is..." category. It came in behind SOPA, Scientology and KONY and it placed just ahead of Instagram and Pinterest. 

We even wrote a few stories about it. One was about the bastardization of of YOLO and the other was about a new magazine that aims to capitalize on the popular catchphrase. In case you were wondering, we'll spare you the google search: It means You Only Live Once.  

  1. What is SOPA
  2. What is Scientology
  3. What is KONY
  4. What is Yolo
  5. What is Instagram
  6. What is Pinterest
  7. What is Lent
  8. What is Obamacare
  9. What is iCloud
  10. What is Planking

These rankings were part of Google's Zeitgeist 2012 rankings for popular search terms. Read more of them here.

Roberto December 20, 2012 at 08:07 PM


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