Pastors Respond to Sexual Assault at Davis Community Church

Neither the victim nor the perpetrator are part of the Davis Community Church community, and no church programs were occurring at the time of the assault.


A sexual assault was reported on the Davis Community Church property around 11:30 a.m. on Saturday. The following message is from church astors Mary Lynn Tobin and Bill Habicht. 

"Over the weekend there was an incident of sexual assault on the property of Davis Community Church. We are saddened and angered that this beautiful and sacred space has been used by one human being to harm another.

As a community of faith, we are holding all those involved in our prayers. We pray for emotional, physical and spiritual healing for the victim, wisdom and insight for the Davis police as they go about their task of locating and arresting the perpetrator, and courage for the perpetrator to confess and repent of his actions.

The Davis police have not shared much information with us as this is an ongoing investigation. We do know that neither the victim nor the perpetrator are part of the DCC church community. We also know that no church programs were occurring at the time of the assault.

Davis Community Church has a long history of providing space for many groups in the community. It is easy to consider DCC as a safe place because it is so familiar. However, it is important for everyone to take every precaution to ensure safety of self and others - as you would anywhere. Always be watchful and vigilant. If you are using the church, be sure to lock doors behind you, and, if at all possible, don't be on the property alone.

Davis Community Church will continue a process of examining our safety precautions. Of all things, we want DCC to be a place where individuals can feel safe.

We hold the victim in our prayers, that she may experience the grace and love of God during this challenging time. We also pray for the perpetrator, that he turns himself in and repents of the actions that have caused such tremendous harm."

Please share your thoughts below. 

Megan January 29, 2013 at 12:12 AM
"We do know that neither the victim nor the perpetrator are part of the DCC church community." Um, how do they know the perp doesn't go to that church?
Lawson January 29, 2013 at 06:43 PM
€I am just now seeing this after posting a thread on the original. This is a little more informative, and it seems to me from the police account here, there was indeed an attack; "they" know what I know" he came to Davis to stay at the IRWS. Since I am a regular attentee at DCC, I can tell you he is hardly a member. Word on the street, as of this very morning, is that he was either in a shoot out or was sghot at, and had to flee Oak Park...It is also suspected now by us, that he took the laptop that was stolen a few nights ago. I only discovered thios morning that in fact he WAS checked into IRWS, but that he left in the night...early. This explains why the overnight staff swear nobody left, and so why nobody cold explain why the comp was not hidden someplace. (our packs were each checked! This joker is bad news. Deserves what is coming to him. I am disappointed to hear he had said he was going top rob somebody...yes, apparently, there were "others" nearby before the alleged offenses. If this is true, and I do not know it to be but have no reason to doubt the source, I agree with the source somebody should have "checked" him. This puts another black eye on the Davis Homeless Community, a fairly tight knit group.
Lawson January 29, 2013 at 06:44 PM
...Small wonder I haven't been able to get my Lockers for the Homeless Project on track...This just gives the Not In My Back Yarders more resolve...not that this shyt for brains asshole is a member of the Davis Homeless Community. Just sayin'. The victim deserves our prayers.. *oops, language Lawson, lannnnguage!* lol*
Roberto January 29, 2013 at 08:31 PM
Lawson, on occasion, the Assh___ word is quite appropriate. This is certainly one of those occasions. This guy destroys a lot of great work by a lot of good people.


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