Police: Three Robberies Thursday Night, Possibly by Armed Men in Ski Masks

"Davis Police investigating 3 possibly related armed robberies that occurred in North Davis greenbelts this evening."

We received an email Thursday evening about "two armed individuals in all black wearing ski masks robbing people at gun point near Sycamore. They are using bike paths and may be on the move."

We reached out to police, but didn't immediately hear back.

The following, however, was posted on the police department's Twitter page around 11 p.m.: "Davis Police investigating 3 possibly related armed robberies that occurred in North Davis greenbelts this evening. No one was hurt."

The user who shared the initial tip added the following: "...a Facebook friend who is a security guard on campus had posted 'If you live in Davis around sycamore there are two armed individuals in all black wearing ski masks robbing people at gun point. If you see something call Davis police.'" 

Someone posted on Reddit that the two robberies happened at the following locations: "One was at 1129 pamplona ave, the other at Corona and Catalina..."

Be safe, and if you know anything, please don't hesitate call police or email us at davis@patch.com. We'll update Friday morning. 

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Cat December 07, 2012 at 03:22 PM
In addition I feel like there should be some changes to the Light Ordinance. Since the lighting is so dim, I feel like it attracts a lot of crime in general. I'm not saying to get rid of it, but I feel like downtown and near bus stops especially should be a little bit brighter.
Cecilia December 07, 2012 at 07:23 PM
Good point Cat. I like Davis' Light Ordinance, but it should at least be reviewed for areas that need to be a bit brighter for safety reasons. I've heard this concern from others too.
Laura P. December 07, 2012 at 09:10 PM
Why is it the street lights seem to go out, or dim at late at night? (At least in the area of Davis I am in) It seems to defeat the purpose of why they are they in the first place. Is the city trying to conserve electricity at the expense of citizens' safety? Can someone post more info on this "Light Ordinance"? I usually don't get home from work until 11pm which creates a very unsafe situation for me. Parking at my complex is always full, which leads me to park to the street, further from my front door. I do carry mace and hope I never have to use it.
Cat December 07, 2012 at 09:39 PM
The Light Ordinance was passed in the late 90s to minimize light pollution so that residents of the City of Davis would be able to see the stars at night. That explains why why most of the street lights in Davis provide such little light or go out. Like I said earlier, I find it a good idea in general since it promotes green living. But I do feel that they should at least have areas that have brighter lighting, particularly around downtown, major apartment areas, the university, and where major bike paths/bus stops are so that students (like myself) feel safer during nightly commutes and can be more aware of our surroundings because it's difficult to see. Pros and cons are weighted here: http://daviswiki.org/Light_Ordinance
Roberto December 10, 2012 at 06:25 PM
The last thing this city needs is more lights and higher utilities. I've walked in most every area, green belt and path in the city. Most major bus stops and bike paths are well lit. Use some good old common sense and think about when and where you walk at night. How can I say this? 'TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!!!'


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