Blog: Why Chancellor Katehi Should Keep Her Job

Katehi is actually an ally to the students, says one blogger for the Huffington Post.

“Not only is Linda Katehi not responsible for what happened [at UC Davis], she is an ally to the protestors.”

That quote comes from a blog written by Gregory C. Pappas that appeared in the Huffington Post Thursday. Pappas concedes immediately in the blog that he knows Katehi personally and is also from her homeland of Greece, but says that has nothing to do with his stance, which he goes on to explain. 

He makes clear that campus police were “absolutely unjustified in ,” and says that the officers involved , as should the police chief.

When asked , 28 percent of Davis Patch readers said Katehi. 23 percent said the police chief and 47 percent said Lt. John Pike. 

Here is Pappas's case for Katehi: 

Linda Katehi did NOT approve the use of force. She repeatedly stated this -- or has attempted to state this. I wonder if the loud roar of the crowd has stopped to even listen. "I explicitly directed the chief of police that violence should be avoided at all costs," she told a gathered crowd of over 1000 students at a town hall.

Pappas insists that Katehi is actually on the side of the students.  

…She knows first hand the power of student movements (her generation of students at the Polytechnic helped bring down a dictatorship after all), and who has witnessed violence directed against her generation that our present occupiers can only witness in the movie theaters.

Pappas discusses two arguments that have been used by many to explain why Katehi should lose her job. One has to do with micromanagement of the police department and the other suggests she has a desire to curb educational freedoms on campus. Read the full blog on the Huffington Post to see why he says they don’t make sense.

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Joseph McCaffrey December 02, 2011 at 03:20 PM
Perhap Ms. Katehi didn't realize when she accepted the job as chancellor what her responsibilities were. It's admirable that she has become an electrical engineer, and has risen in the academic world to become chancellor of a university. And she now claims she told the campus police, or at least passed the word, that she wanted no violence. But egregious and ugly violence occurred, on her watch. The responses to not blame her smack of chivalry, but when a woman takes a job that requires thorough preparation and discipline, and then things spin out of control because of the apparent lack of those two requirements, someone must be held accountable. If Lt. Pike can be shown to have been insubordinate, fine, lock him up and let him serve his sentence. But what did Linda Katehi do and when did she do it? Was she negligent? Less than thorough? Eager to get the mess off campus? If she's removed from her position, it should not be vindictive, it should be for cause. If she's kept, it should not be for pity. The investigation, as we're always told in cases like this, continues. There are only a few facts to be determined. I'm sure they know by now.
Jake December 02, 2011 at 09:32 PM
Let's suppose we concede Katehi's claim that the UC Davis cops exceeded her explicit instructions to avoid violence. Her first public message AFTER the incident was to defend the cops, try to blame "non-student outsiders" and claim that this was a legitimate response to a safety situation. She only changed her tune as the outrage grew. She needs to leave because she cannot be trusted, and without the trust and confidence of faculty and students she cannot be an educational leader.


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