Dan Wolk: Davis City Council Candidate Profile

Dan Wolk is running for Davis City Council. Here's some information about Wolk and his campaign. (Check back for updates).

Davis Patch asked each candidate to fill out a questionnaire to give readers information about his or her background. .

Where do you work and what is your title? Besides a Davis City Councilmember, I am an attorney (Deputy County Counsel) for Solano County.

When and where were you born? Washington, DC, 1977.

Family: Wife, Jamima Wolk. Two girls - Layla (1 year old) and Avery (3 years old)

Where did you go to school? I attended Davis Community Church Nursery School, Davis School for Nursery Years, West Davis Elementary School (now César Chávez), West Davis Intermediate School (now Robert E. Willett), Emerson Jr. High School, and Davis High School.  For college I attended Stanford and for law school I attended UC Berkeley.

Military Service? None.

How long have you lived in Davis? Since 1978 with an approximately 10-year break for college, law school, and work.

What's your favorite thing about this town? There are too many! Here are six that come to mind: the train station, the downtown, Farmer's Market, parks & greenbelts, the Arboretum, the Mary L. Stephens Library.

Have you run for office in the past? If so, did you win? This is my first time running for office (outside of student government).

Campaign information/contact: www.DanWolk.org

As an adult, have you been convicted or charged with a crime other than a minor traffic violation? If so, please explain. 



What is the primary reason you are running for this office? 

What will be your top three priorities if you get elected and why? 

[This is the answer to both of these.]

Davis is my hometown.  I grew up here, and after leaving for college and law school, I returned and reconnected with - and married - Jamima Iley, also a Davis native.  We chose to raise our two little girls here.

I was appointed to the city council a year ago and now seek a full term for three reasons: (1) to give back to a community that has given me so much, (2) to make sure my daughters and their generation will thrive in Davis the way Jamima and I did, and (3) to continue to bring new ideas and leadership to city hall.

We are dealing with tough issues right now, issues that will define our future, and we must face them squarely, not leave them to our children.  I am proud of what I have accomplished so far, but there is much left to do.  If elected, working with my colleagues I will continue to: 

  • Build a structurally sound city budget
  • Improve our water quality, streets, greenbelts and parks
  • Prioritize economic vitality and the downtown 
  • Achieve environmental sustainability
  • Create affordable housing for seniors and young families

 About how much do you expect your campaign to spend on this election?

That's hard to predict.  There's still a month left in the campaign.

Anything else you'd like Davis Patch readers to know? 

Readers can find out more about me at www.DanWolk.org.


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