Flu Season Only Half Over with Cases Increasing in California

The following message comes from Yolo County.

By Yolo County

This year’s influenza season is worse than an average year, and especially bad for seniors.  Seasonal influenza is now widespread in California.  Most influenza being seen this year is covered by the vaccine, and when needed, is sensitive to anti-viral treatment.  The Yolo County Health Department reminds the community that in addition to getting a flu shot every year (especially important for the young and old), everyone should also follow these simple steps to avoid the flu: 

•         Wash hands often with soap and water

•         Regularly clean commonly-touched surfaces, i.e. countertops, doorknobs, telephones etc. 

•         Don't share cups, straws or anything that goes in the mouth

•         Avoid touching your eyes and nose

•         Cover nose and mouth when you cough and sneeze, and promptly discard used facial tissues

•         If sick, stay home 

Other important factors that help prevent getting sick:

•         Get enough rest and stay physically fit to help the body fight off disease

•         Don’t smoke and reduce exposure to secondhand smoke

 Flu vaccine is still available and worth receiving this late in the season.  The flu vaccine can be obtained through local healthcare providers, pharmacies and the Yolo County Health Department’s regularly scheduled immunization clinic held every Tuesday, 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. at 137 N. Cottonwood Street in Woodland.

“We appear to be halfway through an early flu season with rates of influenza-related illness increasing in California,” said Constance Caldwell, MD, Interim Yolo County Health Officer.  “Protect yourself, your family and your community by getting a flu shot, washing hands often and staying home when you are ill.  These three steps go a long way in reducing the incidence, and in some cases, deaths related to flu.”


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