Is Alcohol Davis's 'Problem Drug?'

What do you think of the issue Doroshov describes? Is alcohol Davis’s “problem drug?”

Different communities have different substance-abuse issues, according to Davis Police Lt. Paul Doroshov. Some struggle with street drugs, while struggles with alcohol. 

Doroshov calls it our "problem drug." 

Do you agree or disagree? Comment below.

That’s why the city is working on passing the controversial , which would make it illegal for minors to have any alcohol in their system. (Current laws only regulate alcohol possession and public drunkenness).

"Our most violent crimes are alcohol related,” Doroshov told me. “So that’s where we’re putting some of our focus.”

Doroshov says alcohol has been a problem in Davis for years, in part because students exist right alongside families.

“You have rentals amidst somewhat family housing,” he said. “Those rentals have parties, and that doesn’t sit well with the families who are trying to put their kids to sleep.”

That's the crux of many calls the police department gets, Doroshov said.

“It’s a real tough dynamic for us,” he continued. “We’re here for the overall good, but we’re also here to respond to complaints. And that’s a common one.”

The , which Doroshov describes as “another tool in the toolbox,” came before the city council last week. They discussed it and sent it back to the Student Liaison Commission for .

What do you think of the issue Doroshov describes? Is alcohol Davis’s
"problem drug?"

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