Results: Dan Wolk, Lucas Frerichs & Brett Lee Win City Council Race

These results are based on numbers posted by the Yolo County Elections Office. They could change.

Victory was never in question for Dan Wolk; he ran away with every precinct from the moment results began being reported. 

It was a much tighter race, however, for the rest of the field. After hours of tallying, challengers Lucas Frerichs and Brett Lee knocked off incumbents Sue Greenwald and Stephen Souza. The four candidates were within three percent of one another. 

Souza and Greenwald had been the longest-serving members on the city council, with Greenwald having served on the dias for 12 years. She often brought up the value of her institutional knowledge during the campaign. 

We'll continue to add details to this tory. In the meantime, please share your reaction to these results in the comments below. 

Here are the final totals reported by the Yolo County Elections Office.  

CITY COUNCIL - Winners in bold. 

: 8,708

  • 29.1%

: 5,827

  • 19.5%

: 5,368

  • 17.9%

: 5,138

  • 17.2%

: 4,880

  • 16.3%


MEASURE D () - Must get 66.6% of vote to pass.

Yes: 10,440

  • 84.1%

No: 1,980

  • 15.9%



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