Katehi & Administration Hold Town Hall Meeting

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7:32 - Computer science major: I've been here for three years and had never seen any of you [administrators] before.

"Chancellor, I never knew you had such a thick accent."

This town hall's great, but you can just go out there and listen to people. I know you guys have meetings. Bureaucrats have meetings all the time. Take your meetings to the CoHo. Streamline things. (Huge applause for "Jason.")  

7:29 - Man from Theater Department: The rage that I have is 25-30 years old at the inequities of this system. We'd be getting derailed here if we thought this was only about a cop or two that made a mistake and pepper sprayed a few students. We do not need four reports to tell us what we already know. In the department of theater and dance, I said this: Engage in teach-ins that are primarily forces on the privatization of the public university. This is a very long, slow process of privatization. I'd encourage Madame Katehi to participate in some teach-ins. 

About the drumming: The people drumming on the quad are not "them." They are "we." Go out there and participate in a meeting. You can vote. Democracy begins here. (Applause)

7:26 - Senior in College of Ag: I fully support the college and the police. You do have a right to protest and a right to assemble, but you are held accountable for your actions. Maybe it's not a big deal to have tents on the quad, but it's against the rules. When you don't abide by an order, a cop has the right to arrest you. People forget what's going on in the cops' minds. When you encircle a police officer, it can be very traumatic. They have families, they have children. They were put there for your safety, as ironic as that sounds.

7:24 - Katehi: We are going to reform policies, there's no doubt about that. Am I in a position, everytime there is a crisis, to sign. I'm not confident right now that I can make decisions about speficis. But I am very willing to do. 

7:22 - Audience: I want to see personal accountability. I want to invite you to be a part of forums that discuss your mistakes (along with Berkeley) 

7:21 - Audience Member: This incident from last Friday changes everything. You'll have to convince high school and transfer students to come here. 

7:16 - Recommendation: If you have a concern like that, please speak to an adviser or the Dean of your college. 

7:15 - Student: What is this doing to the quality of our education. I've already had two days of classes canceled. More will come with the general strike. Not only are we unable to go to class because of noise, but classes are being cancelled. I don't think there's a simple solution. I just want the faculty in this room to remember that for the majority of us, the reason we are here is to get an education. 

7:12 - Lt. Carmichael: I have no experience with an Occupy tent city. I won't pretend like I do. But I do have concerns. You can boo me, too. It's a different environment to have people living on campus. Possibly extend police escort service. 

7:10 - I want to know about the encampment in the quad. You can hear the drums from the inside. I was wondering if there's another place they could go, because finals are coming up. Lot of noise going on outside. I'm totally for the protest, but is there any way they could not be so loud. Students are trying to study and still trying to learn. 

Also, I hope nobody boos me, but I was walking around and listening to people speaking on our quad. One guy was saying how he has a criminal record. Am I endangering myself by being on the quad. We are students. We don't know what kinds of backgrounds these people have. I'm worried about my safety to some extent. 

7:07 - Wood, on review of policy: Overnight encampment policy. I don't know the context in which which it was written. Those are the kinds of policies we've got to look at in this new context. I wish I could tell you that I've read carefully. I will tomorrow. 

7:06 - Questions about the Senate resolution. 

7:02 - Lt. Carmichael: Both Pike and the chief are on leave. (Paid) 

7:01 - Question: What are the immediate repercussions for Lt. Pike? 

7:00 - I tell Washington why it's important to help higher education. But what can I do? I'm not a politician. I don't write the rules. The only thing I can tell you is that I will follow due process to the fullest. That is my promise to you. 

6:57 - I have observed your response. You were good tonight. During the first 72 hours, your response was botched. Concerns: 

  • Amnesty for those arrested. 
  • All five investigating forces should have access to your last six months of communication. 
  • Publicly recommend that the Chief and Lt. Pike be fired upon investigation's completion. 
  • Economic concerns: Publicly tell regents that you oppose large fee hikes. 
  • Lobby for changes in the tax code (cheers and foot stomping). 

6:56 - Wood, on the bathrooms: We had discussions about enough bathrooms. We brought in port-a-potties. 

6:53 - Katehi: "One thing that I've learned is that I need to spend more time with the students." When there were demonstrations, I did not come to speak with the people. I will do that in the future. A little bit about Saturday: We had so many media requests. That 

6:52 - Why did you not feel like you had to address the students. Also, as for concerns about bathrooms, there is a 24 hour study room with a full bathroom. 

6:47 - "As a student, i often don't feel validated in my decision to attend this campus." Take in to consideration the knowledge of your students. Used staff, students. We are at a pivotal moment in higher education. UC is becoming privatized. I do not support your current call for resignation.  

6:43 - Katehi: We have to make changes. There is going to be a very broad discussion. It's not going to be my decisions. It will be a decision that comes out of many voices. There is going to be a process. "Whatever I'm suggested to do, I will, as long as I don't break any rules or laws." 

6:41 - Question from someone who was arrested: I want to correct factual errors. Those "outside agitators" were all alumni. Also, there's a lot of talk about this being an isolated bad day. Have seen increased police . Chilling effect of freedom of speech on this campus. I want to know what you're doing right now, today, to make sure students have the right to protest, they have the right to free speech? 

6:38 - Answer: Tend to turn to ASUCD. Need to open that more widely. Looking forward to having events (in which there is more personal contact with students). Will go to government groups 

6:37 - Student: How will you go about getting students on the committee? How can students hold you accountable (with the cycling through of students through the years)? 

6:35 - Katehi: Restructure internally, find outside funds. Hard to stabilize. We're working with the state to keep things where they are. If the state continues what it has done in the last two years, it is not sustainable. Asking the state to stay where we are, not to cut more. What is the state doing to support these institutions of higher education. 

6:35 - Question: Long term goals to limit tuition increases? 

6:32 - Question: Saw it on the Today show and in the Chronicle. "I just want to live my live." - Yudof. Where were the police officers and their respect for community? People are allowed to protest, as our dear President Yudof said. 

6:30 - Katehi: Having the tents is part of the expression of having an objection. It is becoming this way. As we are looking forward, we have to reconsider how we make this campus safe. I understand what you're teling me. I really see your point. 

6:28 - Question: What this felt like to me was that i wasn't the right time or place to protest. That's what they were saying to women when they were fighting for equal rights. When is it ever going to be the right time to protest? 

6:25 - Katehi: The urge to discriminate runs really deep in the human DNA. Every day, every morning. People will discriminate based on many things: Wealth, status, race, gender, sexuality. It's something you have to deal with everyday. 

6:24 - Questioner: Can I request that the other speakers actually say the words "black people" in their response. 

6:21 - Lt. Carmichael: Moving forward, it's about open dialogue. That is a big problem, that the perception is we're not meeting those. We're talking about a community that I love. I do intend throug open dialogue, open doors to come together. 

6:19 - Audience member: What do you think the relationship is between UC Davis, black people and the police? Knowing there's a long, hostile relationship, what are you going to do from this day forward? 

6:17 - Lt. Carmichael: We have less lethal (pepper spray, baton, paint balls with tear gas, etc). Also a sidearm, firearm. Those policies that guide our less lethal force are under review. 

6:16 - Protestor: Make public list of weapons and when they're aloud to be used. 

6:14 - Katehi: There are four other investigations. DA investigation of excessive force. Investigation of the department. Senate investigation. Another from the university. 

6:12 - Student: Issues with a top-down to approach to investigation. 

6:11 - Katehi: I wrote a letter to [Yudof] and asked if his office is willingto do an independant review. He agreed to do that. Results will get published before they come to me. 

6:08 - Student requests to have question for Katehi filmed. Asks about the details of the investigation. 

6:05 - Katehi: Alumni want to see change. We need to make those changes. 

6:04 - Katehi: We have made the committment that we will work with the students. I plan to play a very active role. We have to be very proactive in showing what we're doing in making changes. (Kids must see it). 

6:02 - High School Student: People who are eligible to go to UC Davis are seeing the Facebook wall and Twitter and saying, "No, I'm not going to go there." 

6:00 - "Didn't think it was going to end as it ended." There is great discression given to officers to make decisions in the field. That is all going to be revealed. 

Editor's Note - Lot of mention of Virginia Tech. Very interesting. 

5:51 - We are going through so many difficult issues. I need to work with [the students] a lot more to really understand your needs and get your ideas. Here is my hope: We should not let this incident define us as a university. We should let what we do next define us. Develop the model for the 21st century. 

5:50 - Student to Katehi: What are the plans for you and your police chief moving forward? 

5:46 - As for the FBI. I belong to a group called National Higher Education Security, which was established right after Virginia Tech. Discuss security threats, safety issues. Sometimes we bring law enforcement agents to understand what they want and provide information. 

5:43 - Katehi: University burned down by anarchists twice. After these incidents, the socialist government asked nine presidents from around the world (and I was one) for advice. 

5:41 - Question about allegations of Katehi ensuring there are police on Greek college campuses. Also about her being on a board for the FBI. 

5:39 - Lt. Carmichael brought up Virginia Tech. Said no weapons would hinder ability. 

5:38 - Student: Why do our police need weapons? 

5:36 - We do use mutual aid from sister universities when there's a large event on campus. - Lt. Carmichael. 

5:34 - Decision of the chief on how many people to arrive and what uniform. I didn't give any directions. - Katehi. 

5:29 - "Totally against [81% tuition hike] - Katehi. 

5:28 - Mediator asked students not to chant while people speak. 

5:25 - People with questions are lining up. they were selected, it appears, at random. First, "I'm going to be in the minority here, but first of all I want to say thank you" to the Chancellor. Said she has been very professional. 

5:22 - Who's to blame? One woman yelled "Katehi!" which was met with some applause, but mostly boos. 

5:21 - Last Friday was the darkest day on this campus - Wood

5:15 - Katehi says she instructed no force. 

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Jim November 23, 2011 at 04:55 AM
For the senior who spoke at 7:26 - if you support the college, then you do not support the pepper spraying of fellow students who did nothing more than sit on a quad. I hope Katehi was able to respond to that statement, and retroactively declare those police orders illegitimate.
Justin Cox (Editor) November 23, 2011 at 05:39 AM
That speaker gave more of a statement than a question, so Katehi didn't respond directly to him. But her overall sentiment was that those policies are now -- in a new world in which all university policies are being reevaluated based on recent events -- illegitimate. We'll see where things go.
AnnaBelle Patterson Pfau November 23, 2011 at 08:13 PM
I think this is a sexist witch hunt on one of the few women in leadership positions in academics. I’m not alone: http://www.thenewagenda.net/2011/11/23/in-support-of-chancellor-katehi/ The reasons are spelled out specifically in the article. Where is the campaign to oust Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau of UC Berkeley? Telling, I think.


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