Video: Chancellor Katehi Walks Among Silent Protestors

Chancellor Linda Katehi walked past a line of silent and quiet protesters as she exited the building where she held her aborted media briefing three hours earlier. Students chanted, "Whose university? Our university" as the chancellor's car drove away.

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The Chancellor at UC Davis called a meeting with the media Saturday at 4 p.m., but it was cut short when hundreds of protesters flooded the building. 

Chants grew louder from outside the media room and the meeting ended after a brief statement and a few questions. Protestors and the media were escorted out, while Chancellor Linda Katehi and Chief Annette Spicuzza remained inside with staff. 

That was around 4:15 pm. After that, students gathered outside, chanting and discussing issues related to these events. They later formed two long lines to serve as a pathway for the chancellor and chief to walk through upon exit. 

In the footage above, Chancelor Katehi walks out while hundreds of protestors sit and stand silently. At one point, Katehi says she will speak to students at the General Assembly that is .


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