VIDEO: Mrak Hall Was Occupied One Year Ago Today; Pepper Spray Came 3 Days Later

Check out the footage of the Mrak occupation in the AggieTV video below.

The one-year anniversary of the pepper spraying on the UC Davis quad is just a few days away, on November 18. 

Although the pepper spraying is what ultimately turned UC Davis into a national headline and Lt. John Pike into a viral image, there were several events that led up to November 18 -- from the occupation of Central Park in downtown Davis to several large marches through campus. Here's a video of one of the marches, and here's another. 

Students were removed from the building the following day when many of the occupiers left to protest at a regents meeting in the Bay Area. The occupation of the quad (and the pepper spray) came three days after that. 

Anyway, the AggieTV report above does a good job of snapshotting the situation in the days that led up to the quad craziness. Watch for yourself and share your thoughts below. 


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