“Occupy Sacramento” Brings Out Hundreds, Davis Residents Included

Rumblings about an event in Davis Friday night are increasing on the Wiki and on Facebook.

The Occupy Wall Street movement landed across the causeway today and is expected to arrive in Davis Friday night.

Hundreds met in Cesar Chavez Park and marched to City Hall. They also gathered in front of banks, according to the Sacramento Bee, with signs that said "Heal America, tax Wall Street," "We are the 99 percent," "Another working stiff for economic justice," and "Whose streets, our streets." 

Some plan to risk arrest by camping in the park.

Davis resident Bernie Goldsmith was at the rally, handing out the buttons pictured in . He also handed them out at Picnic in the Park last night.

Tomorrow’s event in Davis has 57 confirmed attendees as of this writing, according to the Facebook page. People plan to gather at near 3rd and C Streets at 6pm. A bit from the page:

This will be the First General Assembly for Occupy Davis. Anyone who wants to join the movement, has questions, ideas, or any form of donation or support is more than welcome.

Some debate has taken place on the Wiki as to why such a movement has any business in Davis.

MikeyCrews: Why Occupy Davis? What did Davis do?

CovertProfessor: Perhaps nothing relevant to what the protesters are protesting about (though I may be overlooking something). It is a national movement, in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protests (rather than, say, traveling to NYC).

The overall consensus seems to be that the movement’s arrival in Davis has less to do with Davis itself and more to do with solidarity with the thousands on Wall Street. With that said, there has been some talk of camping out in the parking lot between , , and .

Many have criticized a lack of specific demands on the part of Occupy Wall Street, and subsequently Occupy Davis. Wiki user RichardL: 

... Aren't the corporations you would be protesting [be] the very same ones that provide the computer and connectivity and transportation you would use to rail against them? ... Why not do something fruitful like volunteer to help someone in need or clean up the environment ... Someone will always be in the top 1 percent even if it isn't the current "crowd."

Keith Olberman read the first collective statement from the group last night. Goldsmith echoed much of what Olberman said in a recent comment on Facebook:

...The policy answers to our concerns cannot be articulated in concise sound bites. They can be found in paragraphs, and not slogans. Accordingly, the crowd is unsuited to communicating them well. What they are doing is communicating their unhappiness about certain policy things, and are inviting the leaders of this country to correct them.

Like Davis Patch on Facebook to follow these events as they play out in Davis. Contact justin.cox@patch.com if you'd like to blog about this subject. Absolutely all opinions are invited. 

Steve C. October 07, 2011 at 03:30 AM
In response to the person who said that the corporations are the ones who provided the computers, etc.... No one is suggesting that everything about corporations is bad, just as someone who rallies against the war is not saying that they are completely against the military. What people are upset about is how the corporations are allowed to run with fewer and fewer regulations, pay so little taxes, control politicians who enact laws that are in the best interest of corporate profits instead of the citizens' well-being.
Miguel October 12, 2011 at 06:47 AM
This movement has no logic. I agree about a few of the financial and industrial corporations being bailed out, however, it is the current President and his administration that has failed the people. I am a small business owner and the small businesses of America have been the back bone and are really the only way to help solvingour economic mess. most of the so called 99% don't undertsand that we are have destroyed and bilked this country from decades of greed and selfishness. we no longer value a strong work ethinic and expect high salaries, paid medical and vacations with sick leave on top of that. The labor unions are the hidden evil that also help destroy our growth and future of those good corporations and government jobs. Bottom line people the so called 1% is chump change and paying additional taxes, why should be punished for being successful?? we all are already over all 80% more taxes now from everything we eat.drink, watch,drive, everything we touch is taxed, but! we are still spending beyond our means as a country, state and city ?? Remember we all spent money like crazy fom 1999-2007 people buying homes that they could not afford, getting a 2nd on the home to take vacations, refies to buy expensive vehicles, boats, RV's ...We all forgot how greedy we were and fail to except that we were a major part of the this whole economic mess that we are facing. The world made money when we were buying..now look !!!! WAKE UP !!!


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