Occupy UC Davis: The Problem is Bigger than "Sad, Sad Katehi" (VIDEO)

Rather than focusing on the Chancellor herself, they should focus on getting a recall mechanism, said Bernie Goldsmith.

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Calls for Chancellor Linda P. B. Katehi to resign have grown steadily since a riot cop deployed at UC Davis last week. But at a General Assembly on the quad Tuesday morning, one Occupier suggested a different approach.

Bernie Goldsmith said that as the pepper spray video recedes in world's consciousness, the media will cover “sad, sad Katehi,” who is trying to “talk to these kids.” Katehi has expressed sadness and made several attempts do address protestors directly, although her was short, and . 

Goldsmith said that rather than focusing on the Chancellor herself, they should focus on the office of the Chancellor, which he said should have a democratic recall mechanism baked into it.

About 80,000 people have signed a petition for her to resign, and some in attendance were hesitant to take their focus off Katehi. Many others viewed the approach as favorable. We’ll continue to follow the approach.

The General Assembly issued this statement Tuesday afternoon: 

The General Assembly of Occupy UC Davis convened and formally voted that it has no-confidence in Linda Katehi to continue to act as Chancellor of the University of California, Davis. Her actions have stripped her of the legitimacy required to continue to rightfully wield the authority of that office.

The General Assembly of Occupy UC Davis has voted and reached consensus to issue an official, formal demand. We demand change in the institution of the Office of the Chancellor itself. We demand the democratization of that Office, to begin with the implementation of a recall mechanism that will allow a sitting chancellor to be removed from office by democratic means.

These are official demands of the students of Occupy UC Davis as voted upon by the General Assembly.

Mynamis Restricted November 23, 2011 at 03:12 AM
Jeeeze that was fast. Wayta go Mr Goldstein, sir!


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