Sue Greenwald: Davis City Council Candidate Profile

Sue Greenwald is running for Davis City Council. Here's some information about Greenwald and her campaign. (Check back for updates).

Davis Patch asked each candidate to fill out a questionnaire to give readers information about his or her background. .

Where do you work and what is your title? I work full time on my council job, and will continue to do so.  I put my heart and soul into the job.

When and where were you born? Washington D.C.

Where did you go to school? Walt Whitman High School, Bethesda Maryland

Military Service? No.

How long have you lived in Davis? 25 years.

What’s your favorite thing about this town? The safe small university town atmosphere, the walkable downtown, the wonderful, intelligent, caring citizens and the sense of community and community involvement.

Have you run for office in the past? If so, did you win? I have served on the council for three terms, and served as Mayor from 2006 to 2008.

Campaign information/contact: Contact information, lawn sign requests, contributions, etc. can be submitted at www.suegreenwald.com  or by e-mailing suegreen@dcn.org orpamgunnell@sbcglobal.net

As an adult, have you been convicted or charged with a crime other than a minor traffic violation? If so, please explain. 




What is the primary reason you are running for this office? 

I have passion for good city planning.   I feel that I have been successful over the last twelve years in implementing good planning policies and ideas, and also of standing firm and often standing alone to advocate for fiscally sustainable policies.  I enjoy this challenging job because I feel that I make a difference.

What will be your top three priorities if you get elected and why? 

I will continue in my efforts to balance the budget and implement the structural reforms needed create an economically sustainable future.  

I will continue to work to find more cost-effective approaching to improving our water/wastewater infrastructure.

I will work to assure that we have an adequate supply of land zoned for high-tech industry and continue to work to preserve and enhance our downtown and our neighborhoods, and pursue environmentally sensitive urban and transportation planning.

About how much do you expect your campaign to spend on this election?

I cringe to think about it; I do not enjoy asking people for money.

Anything else you'd like Davis Patch readers to know? 

We have recently lost our long-term finance director.  We have a brand new city manager and our only  two remaining councilmembers have served for just  two years.   We have many young, exciting new candidates running,  but we are rapidly losing our institutional memory.   I hope that I can help provide an anchor with my understanding of the history of the many and varied issues with which we will be dealing.     I hope that my experience and my demonstrated foresight on the fiscal issues that we will be facing  can  help create the balanced council that we will need if we are to successfully negotiate the dangerous waters ahead.


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