Katehi Makes Short Speech, Emotional Exit (VIDEO)

The embattled chancellor did not speak for long.

6:26 - Many tents are out on the quad, and a large dome is being constructed. Reggae music fills the air. 

3:00 - Decisions are being made in regard to the occupation of the quad. 

2:04 - A crowd follwed Katehi as she made her exit. She did not respond to reporters as questions were thrown her way. She looked to be very emotional, as you can see in the video. Before she got in the car, one female student tapped her and told her that not all students want her to resign. Katehi paused, reached her hand to hte girl and said "thank you." She then entered a car and left the scene. 

2:00 - In a brief address to the crowd, Chancellor Katehi apologized for the pepper spraying incident on Friday. Her remarks in the Quad were short and she left the scene to boos, surrounded by protesters and reporters.

12:20 - Student, military veteran speaking. "Rights are a fickle thing ... We are taking back our university."

12:14 - Speakers recounting Friday's events. No police officers in the immediate area. "Take back this university brick by brick." 

11:50 - Hundreds have already gathered at the center of the quad. Ten minutes until official start time. 


Students occupied the UC Davis quad last Thursday night. The Chancellor asked them to leave on Friday, but they didn't, so she at 3 p.m. was caught on video pepper spraying a line of seated students, and the video has gone viral, garnering international attention.

Students vowed to reoccupy the quad Monday and hold a General Assembly. The Chancellor said she will be there to speak. Thousands have clicked to attend the Facebook event for this occupation and on Amazon. This live blog will be updated as events play out. 

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janis hartman November 24, 2011 at 02:46 PM
You've asked how it's played out so far. The attention has been positive, until I just read about the "prank" (not really a prank) that was inflicted upon the poor Dominos pizza franchise owner, Jose Delgado. It seems someone had over $200 of pizza sent to Lt. John Pikes house, and this unsuspecting business owner is left holding the bill. I have sent the man $20 as a show of good faith from the movement to reimburse him. He does not deserve to be hurt. He had nothing to do with the pepper straying, yet someone (or many people) called in pizza orders to Lt John Pike's address (the pepper spraying cop). THis didn't hurt Lt. Pike, but did hurt the business owner. I encourage all who read this to send Jose Delgado some money to reimburse him for the "prank". Call or send it to: Jose Delgado, 2038 Lyndell Terrace Ste 103, Davis CA 95616, 530-756-5161. Thanks
Lawson November 26, 2011 at 11:29 PM
Kids are sometimes short sighted...bless you for this share!


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