UC Davis Rally Attendees React (PHOTOS)

A huge crowd gathered in the quad today to rally for the Occupy movement and for people pepper sprayed at a campus protest last Friday. Here some of their thoughts.

We asked attendees how they felt about the rally and Chancellor Linda P. B. Katehi's speech Monday. Here are their answers in full. Excerpts can be found in the photos above. Use the arrows to navigate the slideshow.  

Kirsten Turney – International Relations/Spanish – Senior

How do you feel Chanellor Katehi handled the pepper spray situation?

I feel like she seems kind of confused about the subject. She sent out emails to UC Davis students after it happened. The first and second emails had different tones. She tried to justify it, so students just want someone to take responsibility and make an immediate response and answer our questions.

Samantha Rahhal – International Relations/Russian – Senior 

What are you hoping will be accomplished by today’s rally?

 I’m really hoping that we don’t dwell on specific persons, but we focus on the institutions that enable the people in power to do what was done on Friday and that begins with administration and the university police in general operations.

Christie Bennett – Agriculture and Environmental Education – Junior

How do you feel about today’s rally?

I wasn’t here on Friday. I have a few friends who were there and invited me. I’m not really choosing a side, but it’s just causing a huge commotion on campus and I just wanted to come by and see what everyone else was saying. After seeing it on local and national news, I knew it was such a globally and national event and I wanted to come see what was going on today.

Teresa Nguyen – Neuro-Biology – Senior

How do you feel about today’s rally?

It’s very empowering, but I feel it should be like this at any Occupy event. We shouldn’t wait for someone to get hurt to gather like this.

Careylee Oden – Bio-Science/Spanish – Junior

How do you feel about today’s rally?

I feel like it’s really good that a lot of students are out to support each other, but I think some students might be losing focus of what the true problem really is and that’s tuition hikes. But I do think that we do need to bring to light police brutality on campus and how the administration is handling it.

Marcus King – Psychology/Communication Studies – Senior

What are your thoughts on today’s rally?

I think it’s very necessary. I think it’s more for PR than the issue at hand, which is Davis Police who, in my personal experience go too far. But this time it was actually on tape. I transferred here last year and was pulled out of my car and placed in handcuffs for “having loud music.” So unfortunately, the police don’t really make you feel safe.

Cassi Patterson – Member of the community and parent

How do you feel about today’s rally?

I’m really proud of the kids and the students are my heroes. I’m very upset about what happened on Friday. It was a debacle and I’m embarrassed for the public servants of Davis and the administrators.

Lucas Digati – Exercise Biology – Sophomore

How do you feel about Chancellor Katehi’s speech?

I feel like she didn’t really address the problem at hand. Her whole deal was to apologize, which I feel like she is sorry because of the uproar, not really the actions. I feel like she could have said more about the problem.

Nelson Valdez – Political Science – Junior

How do you feel about Chancellor Katehi’s speech?

More could have been said. There are a lot of people here. A lot happened in the past week and her position is at the top and not much is being done. She needs to more than look to apologize and do something. But actions speak louder than words.

Casey Peters – Graduate Student – Ecology

How do you feel about Chancellor Katehi’s speech?

I definitely think it should have been a little longer and have more content. But at the same time there is not a lot you can say to a crowd like this. But she could have laid out a short term strategy for dealing with this issue. There is a lot of room for some more immediate response.

What are your thoughts on today’s rally?

I was hoping that there would be more dialogue. I’m looking forward to seeing how it continues … I don’t think the immediate resignation is entirely necessary. It could be an option, but dependent on how it’s handled. I’m hoping the focus will come back to the original reason for getting together. I think it’s a shame if too much attention is taken off the issues.

Matt Forrester – Genetics – Senior

What did you think of Chancellor Katehi’s speech?

I just got here, but what I heard sounded scripted. I’m hoping to learn a bit more here today.

Lacey Greene – Graduate student – Ecology

What did you think of Chancellor Katehi’s speech?

I was disappointed. I was hoping for a more thorough and detailed apology with concrete proposals of change, and instead she gave a brief comment and continued her policy of delaying and obfuscating the issue.

Raymond Ching – Psychology – Sophmore

What did you think of Chancellor Katehi’s speech?

I feel like Katehi’s speech did not address student concerns. I feel like it was a script. I feel like she should have addressed students with a real plan of what she is going to do about the whole Occupy movement and whatever she said had no point, and her not showing up would have been better because she had no point at all.

Sylvia Wright – UC Davis staff member

How do you feel about today’s rally?

I think it’s great. It’s wonderful to see this many students, and see a lot of faculty and staff too in the crowd.

What do you think about Chancellor Katehi’s speech?

I’m glad she came and spoke. That’s really important for her to be here. I hope that we’ll continue to see her out in public meeting with students and making the administration real and human and personal. 


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