Which Three Candidates Will You Support Tomorrow?

Tuesday is the City Council election. Who are you voting for, and why?

Five candidates are running in Tuesday’s Davis City Council election, with three seats up for grabs. Have you decided whom you’re voting for yet? You're invited to share in the comments below. 

Three of the candidates are incumbents: , and . The two challengers are and .

In Bob Dunning’s recent Enterprise column, he explored the odds for each candidate as if the election was a horse race. He says of Dan Wolk: “In Reno, this is what they call a ‘lock.’” Dunning says that almost everyone he speaks to plans to cast one of their three votes for Wolk. Read Dunning's column to get the rest of the candidates’ odds.

If you're still undecided, you should check out , with candidate Q&As, bios and more. And here’s a story about the from last week and the .

Which three candidates will you be supporting? Comment below, and feel free to explain why they have earned your vote.

If you'd rather not share, that's obviously understandable. Enjoy election day. 


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