Who's to Blame: Katehi, Spicuzza or Lt. Pike? (POLL)

All three have taken heat after the pepper spray incident at UC Davis, but who deserves the most blame?

There are three major players in the UC Davis , all of whom have taken some major heat in the aftermath. Let’s start by introducing them:

  • – 80,000 have signed a petition for her resignation. She had to walk silently through protestors in this video, but she’s still the Chancellor.
  • – Famously sprayed pepper spray on line of sitting students. Is now on paid administrative leave and has become an sensation.
  • – Has been placed on leave. Things are quiet on the Spicuzza front.

The main issue lies in the chain of command that led to the pepper spraying, which we’ll learn more about as an investigation ramps up. Those details are crucial. 

We know that the Chancellor gave certain instructions to the Chief and the Chief gave certain instructions to her officers. It all culminated in Lt. Pike’s use of pepper spray. But where do you place the blame? 

Comment below the story if you feel nobody is to blame. 

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Mynamis Restricted November 23, 2011 at 02:36 AM
OK, just couple of thoughts, then. Most to blame of course is Lt. Pike, because even if the chief (I polled her as most to blame for reasons that will be clear in the comment) did specifically condone r even order pepper spray use for the purpose of dispesal, Lt. Pike made the decision the threshold for 'engagement had been reached. He erred. this was a lawful demonstration. Chief went on record to say the purpose of the police presence was to "ask" for the removal of the tents..."and get them removed." In plain english, that means ask, and any that remained should have been removed by the police. Had protesters then pulled on their tents r otherwise enterfered with THIS police response, arrest should have been made. t. The Chanceller failed to preclude use of pepper spray, leaving t to the police in the field. the chief left it to the officers and the Lt. violated the law. this happend in Humboldt 10 years ago at that logging sit in. The 9th circuit of appeals ruled the police officer who pepper sprayed the sitting, non-violent protesters (de ja vu???!) is liable. There is already precedent. So placing blame on one as the most is I think the wrong question.
Mynamis Restricted November 23, 2011 at 02:44 AM
(cont.) th right question is at what point is violent police action appropriate for non violet protest on this college campus? One thing sure: In her remarks a few minutes ago in Freeborn, she is definitely distancing herself from the police action. Pike is so screwed...It'd be best for the image of the University if all three go. Lt Pikr and the Chief unceremoniously in my view,and the Chancellor should resign. and u think someone had it right to suggest an overhaul of the chancellors office. this makes sense when you think of the chancellery as one head of a hydra... Better to democratically elect regents and chancellor than appoint them. they represent the 1% anyways, so cutting off the Chancellors head now will not adress the need for a mechanism to recall...just a thought
d bo November 23, 2011 at 03:25 AM
The protestors should have moved off the walkway when they were told to. The protestors are the ones to blame for their own actions
Carolus Magnus November 23, 2011 at 06:32 AM
california law is pretty clear on using pepper spray on peaceful protesters: its unambiguously illegal. a court case was decided about 5 years ago where a humboldt county sherriff applied OC to seated protesters. lt. pike should have known this, therefore he gave up his immunity. prosecute him. he deserves 25 to life. http://nopepperspray.org/
FreedToChoose November 23, 2011 at 06:15 PM
Everyone in a position which allows physical intervention is responsible for their actions. Lt. Pike should be dismissed and prosecuted for assault or at least sued in a civil suit. As for the Chief and Chancellor, it's Nixonian: What did they know and when did they know it? Then, what did they do after?


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