Alcohol at the Prom: Do You Support Zero-Tolerance Enforcement?

A bus driver who transported 35 student leaders from Dixon to a prom found a bottle containing alcohol on the bus, prompting the kids to be banned from the dance. If that happened in Davis, would you support the school administration?

There's a wild story developing in Dixon, which you may hear about on larger news outlets in the coming days. With Davis High's Senior Ball coming up, we wanted to share the story.

Thirty-five students from Dixon High's leadership class were banned from their junior prom when someone allegedly left a bottle of vitamin water containing alcohol on the bus that took them to the dance.

As you read this story, think about whether you'd support Davis High if they approached the situation similarly. 

The 35 students — some of whom had participated in an last week warning them of about the dangers of drinking and driving — were stuck outside the venue when they were blocked from attending the event they had planned. The students said they were bitter about the way the school's administration handled the situation, partly because the school had not provided a Breathalyzer test that was mentioned in a contract students and parents signed.

The contract states: "Students suspected of being under the influence will be subject to evaluation by DHS Administration and/or local law enforcement, including a Breathalyzer exam. The students who are under the influence will have their parents contacted for pick-up."

Students planned to protest on campus Monday by wearing their prom outfits to school and using social media to share their angst.

So, if such a thing happened in Davis, how would parents react? How would students react? How would school district officials react?

Please share your thoughts below. 

Cole Reed May 01, 2012 at 01:40 PM
While supporting a zero tolerance policy with regards to underage drinking, this situation clearly wasnt handled properly. It seems to me that if DHS had the forethought to have a plan in place for just such situations, the students and school would be best served by following that plan. UCD hasnt set a good example recently in reacting to difficult situations, but hopefully Davis has learned from that situation, and our schools can respond in an appropriate, responsible way to future student behaviour issues.
Justin Cox (Editor) May 01, 2012 at 04:26 PM
Yeah, it sounds to me like the potential for Breathalyzer tests might have just been something the administration was throwing out there as a deterrent to drinking. They strayed from a plan that would have likely worked well. Now the situation is a mess: http://patch.com/A-sR9K
maria contreras tebbutt May 01, 2012 at 09:28 PM
It seems pretty harsh to punish all 35 students - - who took the precaution to not "drink and drive". It might not have flown in Davis, because it appears that no one was in possession of the bottle - - were they under the influence when they arrived at the prom? A breathalyzer is easy to get and use. That's where the zero tolerance could have been used.


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