Crews to Remove Mondavi Center's Sandstone Tiles

Project taking place on exterior to repair leaks.

Thousands of sandstone tiles paneled on the will be taken off in upcoming months in an effort to replace the waterproof seal.

UC Davis said the leaks happen only when the wind pushes the rain into the stone wall at a certain angle. The resealing is a major project for the 10-year-old building, with crews removing the entire exterior -- some 50,000 tiles and mortar -- to paint on a liquid membrane sheath.

Waterproofing repairs were made earlier this year on the glass front of the Mondavi Center and its box office.

Finding replacement tiles involved a trip to India for project leaders seeking matching sandstone, as tiles will inevitably be broken and chipped along the way.

Expect scaffolding and mesh around the Mondavi Center through at least the end of the year. Events will continue as scheduled inside.

Bil Paul August 22, 2011 at 04:25 AM
I wonder if the use of the tiles on this building was the first time such a design had been used. Also I wonder if the builder or architect is financially responsible for this failure. Rather embarrassing for someone.
Clifton D. Schell August 22, 2011 at 09:37 PM
My take on this is that the firm that won the contract for the exterior tiles may have won the bid because they didn't include the waterproof seal and that it's subsequent financial savings enabled the firm to win the bid. The contractor surely must have been knowledgable in this type of construction regardless whether or not this was an oversight by the architect.


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