Davis Schools Can Win $100K: Vote!

Vote for Kristy Powell's home in Patch's Deck the House contest every day until Jan. 8. Share with friends and family.

Candy Cane Court has been adding excitement to the holidays for nearly a decade. They've also hauled in tons of food donations for STEAC in the process. 

This year, the potential reward is even bigger. Kristy Powell’s home on Henri Court is just days away from possibly winning $100,000 for our local public schools.


Powell entered her home in Patch’s Deck the House competition before Christmas and was selected as a finalist last week. When voting started, Powell’s home immediately pulled ahead of the other 23 finalists.

As of Wednesday morning, the house has 5,575 votes. The next highest total is just over 2,000 votes.

“We just passed out 1,000 flyers all over town,” Powell said Monday afternoon.

She plans to spread the message to schools now that they are back in session. You can help spread the word by printing and distributing the flyer included in this article.

and Mayor Joe Krovoza both sent email blasts in support of Powell, encouraging people to vote daily. 

“If we do this until the 8th, late charging communities won’t have the advantage of their voters voting multiple times,” Krovoza said. “Let’s pull away now and coast to the finish.”

The contest comes at a time when schools in California are struggling with major cuts. $100,000 obviously won't solve every problem in the district, but it's a huge prize and it would produce very visible results.

Powell, whose kids are in grades 6, 9, and 11, wants to make it clear that although her home is the face of Deck the House contest, none of this would even be possible without Candy Cane Court as a whole.

“The neighbors make it what it is,” she said. “I really want them to get recognition. We add different things each year. It’s become a tradition to visit Candy Cane Court.”

The momentum up to this point has come in spite of the fact that school was not yet in session. That changes Tuesday, which makes for a golden vote-getting opportunity. But that opportunity will also exist in other communities, so it's important that people keep voting. 

Take a moment to share this article with 10 people. Encourage them to vote once a day until Jan. 8.

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