'Homophobic Language' on Banner at Davis High-Jesuit Game Prompts Parent to Write Letter to Davis Enterprise

Lisa Qvistgaard said she is appalled with the parents and administrators who didn't say anything to those holding the banner.

A Davis High School parent wrote a letter to the editor that ran in the Davis Enterprise Wednesday, in regard to an offensive banner her daughter saw at a Davis High-Jesuit soccer game last weekend.

The banner was being held by Davis High supporters, but Superintendent Winfred Roberson said they are not current students. 

The Enterprise has posted a photo of the sign, but you might not be able to view it because of the website's paywall. For that reason, we'll share the wording of the sign. 

The sign said "Jesuit Loves Wieners," and it was carried around in front of the stands throughout the game by students dressed as hotdogs. The letter was written by Lisa Qvistgaard, who wrote that homophobic slurs were hollared throughout the game as well. 

Visit the Davis Enterprise to see the photo and read the full letter, which was titled "Davis, Let's Take a Stand."

Qvistgaard wrote that DHS Principal Jacqui Moore said "Davis fans are well-known for being inappropriate and crass. She told me the school is taking great measures to educate the students about appropriate fan behavior." 

She said she's appalled with the parents and administrators who didn't say anything to those holding the banner. She noted that it's Bullying Awareness Month and called the community silent bystanders. 

Read the Enterprise letter to view the photo and see how Qvistgaard's daughter handled the situation and how she was treated as a result.

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winston butler October 11, 2012 at 05:42 PM
well said Vic
Just Saying October 11, 2012 at 06:10 PM
It may have been homophobic, but maybe not. According to the Uban Dictionary, wiener has 3 meanings and it could have been a play on words for the 3rd meaning. See below: "This word has three definitions. One is a hot dog, the other is a man's penis, and the last is my favorite. A wiener is a man who is just kind of an ass, very rude, not always very masculine, not quite a boy, but not much of a man. Person: That guy thinks he's all high society because he buys his clothes from here, so he thinks he can act all snobby. This guy's a wiener."
Adam October 11, 2012 at 06:18 PM
I think that its funny and people should relax. Only in davis would a parent get so mad. Davis- what a place. You can go there, tell a cop, "NO I will not follow a lawful order from you!!" - get peppered sprayed and then get paid 30 Grand. Go Davis Blue Devils!!! Wait--- Devil. They call themselves the Devils?!? That is offensive to ME. I'm going to write a letter to her saying I"m offended now!!!
Merlie Trinidad October 12, 2012 at 10:10 PM
Victor did not insinuate anything of the sort about "class" or all Davis residents.
Rico October 31, 2012 at 06:58 PM
This semantic debate is a pathetic attempt to deflect that homophobic slurs were yelled and chanted and paraded with pride at a sporting event from the stand REPRESENTING Davis high school. The cop-out that the people weren't students is just as pathetic. Mix this with the Noose found hanging at the athletic fields and it doesn't take a hippie genius to see there's a cultural problem at Davis high. Be it with a "few punk kids" or in general thanks to some class war waging parents lobbing insults within their $1m East Covell homes. As much as people want to pick apart the verbiage.....it happened, it was deplorable. Folks in Davis need to own it, and make an effort to correct it in the future.


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