PHOTO: A Pepper Spray-Inspired Garbage Pail Kid, Via DavisWiki

A photo of a Lt. John Pike-inspired pepper spray Garbage Pail Kid showed up in DavisWiki recently.

This photo of a Garbage Pail Kid character named Ray Spray was posted on DavisWiki on October 30. 

The card features a Lt. John Pike-inspired officer "dousing a teddy bear at point-blank range whilst barricaded puppies, kitties, piglets, and children bear witness, shouldering signs that read 'We Are 100% Cute,' 'Occupy Dollstreet,' 'No More Naptime,' and the Pink Floyd-referencing 'We Don't Need No Education.'"

Garbage Pail Kids is owned by Topps, which also makes collector sports cards. Garbage Pail Kids products feature characters "having some comical abnormality and/or suffering a terrible fate, with a humorous, word play-rich character name," to quote Wikipedia

Check out the full DavisWiki entry here.  


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