Cyclist Badly Injured on Cantelow Looking for Woman Who Helped & Called 911

Steve Roehrs suffered a burst fracture of T10 vertebrata, 14 broken ribs and a fracture to a vertebrata in his neck. He lost feeling from the hips down.

The following note was posted on Reddit by Elizabeth Roehrs, whose husband Steve was badly injured during a bike ride on Cantelow Road this weekend.

Steve is currently under intensive care at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, as you can see in Elizabeth's note below and the video of Steve included in this story. The family has received an outpouring of support in the wake of the accident. If you'd like to help, see the links at the bottom of this story. 

Also, the family is looking for a woman who called 911 and helped Steve immediately after the accident happened. If you have any information, you can message Elizabeth on Facebook at facebook.com/eroehrs84

This is my husband Steve. He is an avid cyclist in the Vacaville, CA community. Steve is 28 yrs old and the loving father of a beautiful 4 year old. Sunday morning he was involved in a terrible accident. On his decent down the back side of Cantelow Rd. Steve lost control of his bike and slammed into a tree at 28 miles an hour.

He is currently in Nuero Surgery ICU at UCDavis Medical Center in Sacramento. He suffered a burst fracture of T10 vertebrata, 14 broken ribs and a fracture to a vertebrata in his neck. He had a bruise and collapsing in his right lung. He arrived in the trauma center with no feeling from his hips down. He has regained sensation in his legs and limited movement in his right. Still no movement in the left leg.

It is still unclear if he will regain use of his legs. He underwent surgery on Sunday night to stabilize his spine. They placed 2 rods fusing the two vertebra above and below the burst fracture. Please share his story in hopes of raising awareness to cycling safety.

A loving friend has created a paypal donation page for our family. Im currently unable to return to work (manager of a local running store) to assist in Steve's care and Steve is the main provider for our family. Anything you can do will help....donations, prayer and support. It is anticipated that he will remain in ICU for 7 days, then 1-6 months of rehab in Sacramento.

Also, a local cyclist stopped and called 911 moments after the accident. She stayed with my husband to keep him stable and calm. Im trying to locate her to extend my thanks. If you have any information of this wonderful extremely brave woman would you please message me.

Thank you. ♥ Life is short, cherish it, It can be flipped upside down in the blink of an eye.

Bellow is the link for the FundRazr donation page for the family as well as a few other fundraisers that have been started:

Bil Paul November 30, 2012 at 08:07 PM
That road can be steep. Gotta keep the descent speed down, especially when the roads, tires and wheel rims are wet! I hope that Steve won't be permanently disabled.
Jeremy Goodwin, MS, MD November 30, 2012 at 11:53 PM
I am a specialist in pain and headache care, a neurologist and am crossed trained in a number of related areas including problems with the spine and other physical and emotional ramifications of trauma. I pray that you and your family, including Steve, receive the care that such a shock will bring. It is vital that you have the pain service involved from the beginning to minimise the likelihood of chronic pain that can easily develop via both emotional and neurobiological mechanisms. I can help set you up with the right people and program's that go beyond the standard model. I have been a university division chief in this area and have strong connections on both the East and West coast as well as locally. Germany too, especially where spine care is 25 years ahead of us here or in the UK ( Pro-Spine in Bavaria with Rudolf Bertagnoli and Andrea Fenk-Mayer at the head). It is vital to integrate eastern and western methods and to provide a few brief sessions of something known as EMDR to minimise Post Traumatic Stress Dissorder ( PTSD). If you just need to talk, contact me and I will do my best to help in whichever way I can. My thoughts are with you. I have trained at UC Davis, Stanford, UCSF, and Harvard but have learned so much more since working with others these past 25 years. Good luck and do not hesitate to call. You will all need emotional support as well as other things. I will not charge you. Sincerely, Jeremy Goodwin, MS, MD paindoc58@gmail.com
alena vinnard December 03, 2012 at 09:52 AM
Thankyou Dr. Jeremy Goodwin for being such an informitive, kind, and generous human being... My prayers are with Steve, Elizabeth, and their little one...


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